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Advanced and efficient storage facilities with PODS

Advanced and efficient storage facilities with PODS

Since 1998, PODS have brought a new dimension to the moving and storage industry. The expedient, cost-effective service is in terms of patented hydraulic lift system which are only available with PODS. It is so designed to reduce the jerk and shift of the contents remarkably while transiting. The advance designed PODS are carefully loaded into the trucks for transporting to the required destination. The goods are securely transported locally, interstate or internationally. According to a survey, presently, PODS services are used by 230 million consumers and businesses in Canada, US, and Australia. Approximately PODS services are available in 57 states to implement this safe way for relocation materials nearly 150,000 long-distance relocations.

PODS is Portable on Demand storage which has revolutionized the mobility of moving to the next level for residential as well as commercial material storage and moving solutions enhancing the process with increased security, improved convenience along with decreased cost an faster turnaround time. One of the renowned names in the PODS service providing Firms is Deol Storage Solutions.

Deol Storage offers specialized Deol boxes or on demand storage facilities to the customers for storing the belongings in it and keeps it in a secure environment and delivers as per the requirements. Previously logistics faced challenges that were daunting, but not anymore with the Private storage box or Deol Boxes. Mobile storage is a boon to the self-storage industry as life is getting busier every day and we need prompt services in a streamlined way. PODS have reduced the time constraints and labor-intensive activities in the moving and storage firms. These mobile storage units can be useful even if you want to avail some extra space for your home or office for keeping the not so important stuff and get it in anyplace you want when you relocate. It is like having a storage device ready to be transported on wheels and easily get unloaded in your property or garage and again returned to the storage company when you are done.

Deol Storage offers clients additional services like packing, which will save your time labor and stress related to moving. This is storage at your door and is cost-effective in moving your stuff.

Now let’s take a look at what types of PODS that moving firms provide:

While you are thinking to move, it is important to have the right materials – including moving boxes or PODS. You may think of buying these but it will hugely cost incurring and will require a lot of space. To make the storing and moving process convenient moving companies offer customized PODS to store your stuff. The most used types of moving boxes are:

Small Box – These boxes are also known as ‘book box’ and its common specifications are 1.5 cubic feet. It’s awesome for storing the heavy items like books, small appliances that have rare usage and more.

Medium Box – These are generally 3 cubic feet, these boxes are called ‘all-purpose box’. You can store anything you want beginning from flower pots, toys, mementos, cutleries so on

Large Box – These boxes are 4.5 feet and can be excellent store for things like pillows, blanket and various types of clothing. It is proper for lightweight materials because as the size of the container is big the lightweight stuff kept in it enhances its mobility and improves moving process.

Dish packing boxes – These boxes are specially customized to hold dishes in cells so that there are no chances of breakage. There are different size of cell dividers that can store bowls and other fragile kitchen utensils.

Mattress box – As the name suggests, these boxes protect your mattress from getting damaged. And they come in customized size and shapes including crib, twin, standard, double and king size.

Mirror boxes – The least wanted thing is broken or cracked mirror in your hands! Using a mirror box can overrule the chances and you can also store glass table-tops, large glass frames pictures and stay assured of it getting it to the desired place unscratched.

Custom crates –  Some might not feel the need for these crates, but if you have antiques, chandeliers, artworks, or anything huge, bulky, delicate in your list moving items do order custom crates. You can get those in the sizes as per your requirement.

Wardrobe boxes – These huge boxes stand upright and have a bar for hanging clothing, curtains, and draperies. These can prohibit the items from getting creased while the moving process.

How Deol Boxes have a cutting edge over other moving boxes:

Deol Boxes (Maxi) – 10 cubic meter wooden boxes are big enough to store huge furniture and still leave room for keeping a bed, mattress and many of the other smaller boxes in it. The size 10 cubic meter is generally enough for a small sized one bedroom apartment.

You can always enjoy the perks of storing in Deol Boxes:

Security of your belongings – Your things are completely safe and secure in our storage system. The complete storage area is under constant vigilance of surveillance cameras to avoid any kind of trespassing. We guarantee you strict security and any suspicious movement is immediately informed to us with an automatic alarm system. Apart from this one of the additional security facility that you get with Private Storage Box or Deol Boxes is that it has a padlocking system and you can have the keys with you. Storage with padlock will fortify the security of your belongings to manifolds.

Durability – These reusable moving boxes are wooden made and can bear friction and strain of the transferring one place to another. Unlike cardboard boxes, they do not get tampered by weight of other boxes stacked on them. The hardness of wood keeps the materials inside it safe and secure.

Water resistance – While storing materials, one of the main issue while storing electrical devices while moving or storing is to keep them safe from getting exposed to moisture. So Deol boxes are neatly designed that keeps the devices safe and protected from moisture and dirt to seep in.

Simple to use – Cardboard boxes need to be taped together to reinforce them and construct them before use. Reusable wooden moving boxes are ready to be used and take no preparation to store your stuff in it.

Prompt Delivery – Moving is a hard work and requiring to purchase these boxes is one more on it. Deol Storage will deliver the boxes you require and take them back when you don’t need them anymore and after unloading it to your new location saving your time, labor and money.

Space efficient –  Smartly designed Deol boxes come in two sizes that have enough space to stack a good amount of materials while. They are designed so to get loaded in the moving van with minimum stacking space required.

Eco-friendliness – This wooden box storage is reusable moving and green environment-friendly since they are used over and over again and wood is a natural material. No more boxes added to the landfills after each move.

Less hassle-some – When you use cardboard boxes for storing things it requires paper packing materials, packing tape cutter which may cause minor injuries but these wooden boxes remove any chances of any injuries.

Delicate items – Moving fragile or delicate items always need extra care and caution while Deol Boxes provide protection against any damage and breakage, unlike cardboard boxes.

Easy to open and close – These boxes are easy to open and close as compared to other sealed and tapped boxes. You can simply open and see the contents in the boxes when you feel it’s needed to do so.

Cost-effective option – Along with these advantages, are you thinking that this wooden box storage may be expensive than purchasing cardboard boxes, but actually, it is nearly 40% less costly than incurring in buying cardboard boxes while making it a better choice in all aspects.

Here are some of the tips that can be considered for PODS usage

While you are planning a move

Instead of making the process more time consuming by getting a moving truck to load all you can always be on better side by renting portable on demand storage for a week or so. This can help the process to get pace by storing things room by room.

Storage Solutions

These boxes or storage units are not only usable while you are to move but to put a lot of stuff that you don’t  want in your room to occupy extra space you can always rent PODS and store it there. It is specifically useful when you have an increasing number of members in your family and you want some more space then these moving boxes are of real help.

When guests come over

There are sometimes of the year when extended family comes up to spend quality time with you and you need to get the need of the clutter for a few days. You can simply rent some Deol Boxes and store the items in that making your rooms available for your guests. And of course, you can get those back to place later on by calling PODS providing company to reach the things to your doorstep when the guests have left.

How we do it for you?

We offer storage and removal services in South Australia and we have experience of 10 years in this industry sufficing to your moving and storage needs excellently. Experts of Deol Storage solutions are trained to assist you with the complete process. Working with various clients have enriched us to know your requirements better and our professionals will help you in every step till you get your stuff transferred to the new place.

Professional residential moving

Residential moving is an elaborate process and is time and labor intensive, and more if you have kids. But this is the place where we can make act as your additional hands for assistance as we understand your concern and process hassle-free moving and safe storage solutions.

Expert Office moving

Office moving is an equally important and formidable task when done without professional help. Relocating any office to a new place is a much careful task as offices have various departments and specific items to be segregated, stored systematically and carried to move which makes the getting the complete thing reorganized promptly. Delays or improper services can directly hamper the productivity. But with us, you can sit back and relax watching the complete moving done safely and promptly. We store your items with proper labels to be easily unpacked to the predefined rooms for getting the things working as fast as possible.

Packing facilities

Packing is no more a big deal, as we are here. We do it for you. Our specialized team for packing will use the specifically required material for your belongings, like bubble-wrap for the fragile materials and get the items boxed in the specially designed Deol Boxes gives you storage with padlock and you have the keys for it which ensure secure storage that is apt for moving.

Proficient Storage facilities

Deol Storage Solutions is a trusted name in the moving and storage industry as we have been providing advanced and safe storage solutions over 10 years and we claim 100% customer satisfaction. While moving and storage are correlated has to be worked out in a coordinated way and we do it just that way. Be it home appliances, cabinets, furniture, cutlery, fragile materials, files and other office items, we have specific storage cabinets for it that keep the things protected against the stress of the move and reaches the required place undamaged. Whether you want to store some delicate items, electronics, huge furniture or machines we have proper storage solutions for all of it. You can trust us for your personal storage requirements as we cater it and even when you want to store your stuff or need an extension to your storage you can use Deol Boxes to store those and we take care of it.

Deol Storage Solution is an integral part of Deol Group of companies and provides high-end moving and storage services. We specialize in Residential and commercial storage solutions along with moving. Sufficing to various customers and clients storage requirements have made us more efficient in understanding specific needs. We understand the importance of your belongings for you and care for it by providing safe storage facilities in Deol Boxes, ensuring damage-free and safekeeping of your stuff. All these don’t make your storage solutions prices skyrocketing as quality and affordability make us a recommended name in this industry. We focus on proper storage and customer satisfaction.


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