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PODS: Portable On Demand Storage

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Portable On Demand Storage

Planning a move? Or some sudden requirement of extra storage space has emerged? Now you think you have the only option of renting a truck, not anymore. Now you have more facile options like self-storage and PODS. You can avail them anytime, while some guests arrive at your place you can store your belongings in these PODS You can always lock your stuff in these PODS and have the keys with you.

If you are looking for storage service, moving service or both of them PODS is the solution which offers better flexibility, mobility, and safety. So, Deol Storage provides you the advanced storage solutions in the form of PODS called ‘Deol Boxes’. The additional safety feature of padlock enhances the security and safety of your belongings while you are relocating. It is a time-saving, cost-effective and stress-free way for storing your stuff safe even on the move.

What we can do for you

To begin with, we bring you portable storage containers to your place. Experts at Deol pack your belongings specifically as needed to be done based on the item type. There are divide sections in the customized Deol PODS which allow no friction between the materials ensuring unscratched movement.

The Security aspect

When you want to store the things for some time that you will away or for the requirement of extra space in your residence or office you can always trust us. Our premises are under constant vigilance of closed-circuit security cameras which are constantly monitored. The upgraded security alarm system is active for any chance of trespassing. You can leave your belongings with us thinking them as safe as they are at your house or office. For a move, we will do it safely in 3 simple steps:  packing, loading, and moving.

Why you should opt for Deol Storage Solutions

  • Whenever you are contemplating a move be it in the city or interstate PODS container will reach your given location.
  • We provide services on short notice even on 24-hours’ notice
  • Padlock system of Deol Boxes fortifies the safety-security of your stuff
  • Streamlining the transit and ensuring complete customer satisfaction is our priority
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective way to declutter your residence and storing your belonging safe.

Advantages with DEOL BOXES (PODS)

With these wooden boxes, you can get rid of using or renting moving trucks. Don’t need to drive to and fro to get the packing tools and cartons, though they are not safe. Deol Storage solutions bring you comprehensive storage facilities to aid multifariously in your storage and moving needs.

We load, we move, we store!