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Book Box

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Use this box to pack heavy items such as books.

It will be liftable and the bottom will not fall out of the box as can happen with larger boxes when filled with heavy items.


Packing Tips for Books:

Paperbacks: These may be placed into book boxes without wrapping provided they are packed in such a way as to prevent damage resulting from movement of the books within the box.


Hard Backed Books & Leather Bound Volumes:

– place one book on top of a sheet of packing paper

– places sheet of packing paper on top of book

– place second book on top of second sheet of packing paper, placing volumes front to back to protect spines.

– wrap bundle using 2 or 3 sheets of packing paper.


No cushioning material is required in the box except to fill any empty space between books or top of box.


Bundles should be placed in box on flat.


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